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gk - COVID-19- How to prepare to emerge from the lockdown

COVID-19: How to prepare to emerge from the lockdown

The UK is starting to move into the next phase of the Government’s response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Businesses need to understand how the landscape will evolve again and what part they can play in shaping, responding to and delivering the Government’s priorities for an exit from lockdown.

 Our new paper on the crisis  – COVID-19 How to prepare to emerge from the lockdown – answers the three key questions that businesses and investors need to address:

  1.  How can business engage with some of the recent and ostensibly temporary changes in procurement practice, public sector service delivery, and regulation?
  2. How might lockdown restrictions be lifted and how can business help inform this process?
  3. How can business prepare for a very different policy and funding landscape once the worst of the crisis is over? What will be the new normal?

We set out how businesses can emerge from the lockdown in as strong a position as possible and help plan for and shape longer term changes in public policy, service delivery, funding and regulation, building on some of the changes we previously identified in COVID-19: Short and long term policy impacts for investors and companies.

 We are at another critical moment in this crisis. Businesses need to be well-informed and equipped to navigate and shape what comes next.