about us

We were born out of a desire to do things differently.

From one of our founder’s kitchens almost 10 years ago, we set out to create a new way for investors to understand political, policy and regulatory risk; our goal was to bring a new specialism to the market that made investor decision making more considered.

Articulating our vision wasn’t always easy, and it took almost a year to win our first project. But with the help of our first client and every one since, we’ve come a long way. Our diverse and talented team have advised on over 300 transactions totalling over $15bn in value and are widely considered to be the leading political risk advisory firm to the UK market.

Fast-forward 10 years, we’ve transformed from a political consultancy to a full-service communications agency, bringing market-leading insight, strategy and impact to clients. Our passion for breaking the rules continues and every day we seek to take our clients out of their comfort zone to help them achieve more.

We are also incredibly proud of our sister agency, onefourzero, a pioneering digital analytics consultancy and the market leader for digital due diligence globally. Find out more about their work here – https://onefourzerogroup.com

our principles

always better: we will never stand still, we are always searching for improvement for our work, our people and our clients

not who, but how: we don’t rely on old boys’ networks, but view communications as a professional service. We concentrate on our on our clients’ objectives and work backwards from there

leadership matters: organisations can either be agents of change or subject to change, we believe you should shape your own future

data is our friend: we understand how better decision making needs data and can help you unlock the power of the data you may not even realise you have

talent first: we recruit the best people for the job. If you are looking for show ponies look elsewhere

independence as a state of mind: we are more than just an independent agency. We are free from the pressures of corporate interests to think creatively and long term, we put our clients and our people first

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