Strategic Counsel

As reputation has become understood as a driver of corporate value, it has naturally evolved to be a boardroom concern. How an organisation’s leadership communicates with its stakeholders will define its reputation. Getting it wrong is not an option.

Effective communications at a senior level can not only avoid the pitfalls but create the right environment to deliver an organisation’s business strategy. From customer retention, to employee engagement, the right communications strategy can underpin an organisation’s success.

It can also ensure that in the unfortunate event of a crisis, that the organisation and its leadership have a network to fall back on that can mitigate some of the fallout.

GK’s senior team and strategic adviser network offer investors, boards and management teams strategic counsel to help them create effective communications programmes that will help them deliver their corporate strategy.

From on-going advice, to specific situational consultations our team can ensure that you have the right expertise on hand to manage situations as they develop.

We have worked on change programmes, M&A activity, reputational crises and executive profiling, amongst other situations.

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