Reputation management

With reputation accountable for up to 40% of your organisational value, then developing a comprehensive reputational management strategy should be a top priority.

The damage caused by reputational crises can take years to recover from and damage the organisation’s effectiveness or even its very existence.

The better your reputation the easier it will be to achieve your objectives – customers, employees and policy-makers all want to engage with market leaders but achieving this and maintaining it is a constant process.

By taking the time to develop a comprehensive reputation management strategy you will not only protect one of you most important assets, but you will find your other strategic goals suddenly become within easier reach.

GK helps our clients develop robust reputation management strategies spanning customers, policy-makers, regulators, employees and other stakeholders.

As a full-service strategic communications agency, we take a holistic view of your reputation and understand how different audiences and channels interact.

Whether managing a change programme, an acquisition or developing your market leadership strategy, our team should be your first port of call.

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