With public sector outsourcing increasing, positioning your business to win contracts has become vital to ensuring you stand out from the crowd. Winning public sector contracts can be hard, but once you are in they can be long-term and stable customers, with opportunities for growth.

GK works with businesses for whom the public sector is a current or future customer. The businesses we work with understand that sitting on a framework is often not enough to deliver commercial growth. Supported by a database of public sector spend data dating back to 2010, our team can help ensure that your strategy is aligned with where your best opportunities are today and where they will be tomorrow.

We use our understanding of how the public sector makes decisions and how the policy environment impacts their operating environment to help our clients identify market opportunities, shape and contextualise their offer, undertake pre-market engagement and support through tender processes.

No matter what sector you operate in, we can help you raise your profile with the people that count and stay ahead of the competition. Our aim is to help our clients develop long-term relationships with their public sector clients and ensure that they are aware of the changing policy context and shifting political priorities.

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