Effective communications are those delivered in the best format, by the most credible voice, at the right time. ​We work to build impactful external and internal communications strategies by drawing on our insight, expertise and experience of different communications techniques, from senior C-Suite engagement to multi-media campaigns and integrated political and media stakeholder relations.

GK helps you navigate the always changing political environment in local government, the devolved administrations and central government, to develop and deliver creative public affairs strategies for diverse and challenging issues.

There’s a person behind every decision made, so we put them at the centre of our creative process. Understanding how they perceive your brand maximises the potential for your business to achieve all its ambitions. We seek to find the unique emotional pull that is relevant to your audience. Our work is founded on a strategic approach, insight–led creative and rigorous planning. Through a consultative process, we help you bring your brand to life – from the initial strategic workshop to creative concepts, and ongoing content production.