by Jamie Cater 24th April, 2019

Why due diligence is important for Private Equity

From a market perspective, due diligence has become a more important aspect of the transaction process over recent years. The competitiveness of transactions and the amount of dry powder in the market, among many other factors including political and economic uncertainty, mean that asset prices have risen quickly in recent times.

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The place of due diligence – and variety of due diligence services now available to investors – continues to grow as the private equity market evolves. Providers are adapting and increasingly working together, moving beyond just financial and commercial due diligence, to ensure that firms have a comprehensive approach to due diligence, and that it is being done efficiently and effectively.

GK was founded in 2009, and over the past decade has provided political, policy and regulatory due diligence to the investment community around the world. This period has seen periods of uncertainty ranging from the financial crash during our founding years, to Brexit and Donald Trump today.

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Furthermore, over this period the due diligence that GK offers has become more and more important to our clients. When we invented Political Due Diligence 10 years ago, it was a niche concept. Today it is seen as being just as important as other types of due diligence, such as legal and commercial DD.

However, we do remain a specialist due diligence provider, and we are proud of it.GK are also proud to offer support not just during the deal process, but throughout the lifetime of an investment with the support of the strategic communications side of our business.

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