The Rise of Digital Doctors

GK & onefourzero are delighted to launch our latest report: The rise of Digital Doctors: the changing face of UK health tech provision.

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New research by GK and onefourzero has found that demand from patients for health technology has risen dramatically since 2014.

At a time of significant pressure on NHS services, we have found that patients are turning to technology to help them address every-day health issues.

Key findings:

The number of patients searching for online GP and prescription services has almost doubled since 2014, increasing by 99%
As demand has increased for online GP services, so has positive sentiment of online social media conversations.[1] In 2017, 20% of posts mentioning online GP services were positive on average, up from just 4% in 2016.
Desire for convenience is the single biggest driver of demand for online GP services, and is mentioned in 24% of online conversations on the topic.
In the last four years, searches for apps relating to mental health have increased more than five-fold, by 566%
Demand for technology which aids patients to administer their own medication has seen a dramatic rise of 597% since April 2014.
Our findings highlight the need for health tech providers to demonstrate excellent transparency, legitimacy and compliance to build trust amongst patients and mitigate risk in a fast-evolving regulatory and policy environment.

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