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Expand and Increase Your Influence with our Public Affairs Agency

GK Strategy is an acknowledged public affairs agency in London offering strategic communications consultation to help form political influences, strengthen relationships, and shape public policy. With years of experience, we help private and government companies influence behaviour and opinions to satisfy their objectives. We also partner with our clients to enhance communication systems to enable them to interact with stakeholders. As a result, our clients efficiently develop, advance, and preserve their brands and reputation.

Why You Need a Comprehensive Public Affairs Consultancy

Enhanced Online Presence

Our public affairs agency in London helps organisations capitalise fully on the digital world. We help get your brand and message heard by your online target audience. We are also prepared to intervene when catastrophe hits or when something goes wrong with the vision you’ve been aspiring to form. Our experts employ approaches such as promotional sites, press releases, social media, and more to help you accomplish desired goals and overcome the hurdles.

Strengthened Community Relations

Our public affairs agency helps strengthen your community relationships by increasing ties with the local market. This is through activities such as charities, promoting causes related to your business, joining community groups, and more. As a result, you become an active member of your communities, enabling you to establish trust.

Improved ROI

An organisation can’t run effectively when making losses. Our firm improves your company’s reputation through custom public affairs strategies. We mainly help our clients to devise the most appropriate messages that resonate with their target customers. These compelling messages result in increased ROI to our clients.

Increased Brand Recognition

Our public affairs consultants strive on enhancing our clients’ trustworthiness within their given industry and improving their reputation. We achieve this through influencer connections, networking strategies, leadership, and more.

Why We’re a Trusted Public Affairs Agency in London


We have experts who visit places, meet stakeholders, and canvass customers to unlock transformative insights.


Our public affairs consulting firm is committed to educating, driving engagement, and securing results to ensure the success of your goals.


From tech trends to brands, we are deeply interested in a wide range of industries. It’s this curiosity that fires our productivity. We pull inspiration from the world around us and our global network to produce campaigns that give you a competitive advantage.

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In need of public affairs support in the UK? Look no further than GK Strategy. Our public affairs experts help develop unique strategies to get your message out there. Contact us today to see why we’re a tried and trusted public affairs agency across the country.

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