9th November, 2020

GK launches Education & Skills Insights Report

We are delighted to announce the launch of GK’s new education and skills insights monthly report. Our team of consultants have created insightful content that looks at some of the most important trends and developments across the whole of the education and skills space.

Topics covered this month include:

  1. Five things to look out for in education policy – by David Laws, Strategic Advisor
  2. Interpreting changes to the National Funding Formula – by Joe Berkhout, Account Manager
  3. All steam ahead for international students in the UK – by Olivia Rohll, Senior Political Analyst
  4. What to expect from the review of children’s social care – by Jamie Cater, Head of Policy
  5. Form over functional skills – by Mike Williams, Account Director
  6. Research Impact: Better policy is possible – by Ed Jones, Account Manager
  7. Where next for FE after COVID-19? – by Ioan Phillips, Senior Political Analyst

Download a copy of the report here:  Education and Skills Insights – November