Reputation Audits

Few organisations with a bad reputation are successful. What your audience thinks about you will define your potential.

Even those organisations with good reputations will lose market position if they are not continually reassessing how their stakeholders perceive them and what matters to their audience.

This understanding should underpin how both their communications and overarching business strategies.

As such, to create real value in any organisation it is imperative that first you understand your reputation.

The GK team understand this explicitly and work with organisations to build a holistic picture of their reputation, across all of their stakeholder groups both internal and external.

We deploy a blend of qualitative and quantitative techniques, supported by cutting edge digital technology, to pinpoint any risks and opportunities you face, alongside the reputational drivers that could transform how you are perceived.

This research should form a road map to continual reputational improvement, creating value for your stakeholders, employees and shareholders along the way.

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