Audience Profiling

Your audience are the gatekeepers to your success. They are your customers, your stakeholders and your regulators. How you communicate with them matters.

In today’s interconnected world no group can afford to be neglected, and reputational challenges can quickly spread between disconnected audience groups in a way that was unthinkable just a few years ago.

Understanding who your audience is, their level of influence and how to reach them couldn’t be more important yet is frequently skipped over by the desire to communicate quickly.

One size fits all messaging is no longer fit for purpose, with technology allowing micro-targeting of specific segments and the competition for audience attention fiercer than ever.

GK’s experienced team help organisations to map and segment their audience in order to develop tailored messaging and unified engagement strategies.

We work with your teams to aggregate and analyse relationships across your business, developing a stakeholder matrix or implementing CRM systems to ensure all future communication is consistent and shared with those that matter.

We will build out tailored messaging for each audience group, backed up by proof points and with collateral developed as required.

This profiling will allow you to plan better communications strategies and have more impact with your audience.

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