engaging local and regional stakeholders

Using our team’s extensive political, policy and media knowledge, we can help you address challenges you might be facing at local, regional and national level.

We intrinsically understand local, regional and national government, along with arms length bodies, and the financial and regulatory pressures that they are facing. From London, to Manchester and Birmingham; from individual councils, through to city regions, from CCGs, to regulators and the NHS, and from constituency MPs through to Government departments, we can help you to build relationships that last.

Through working with you on your engagement strategy, encompassing audiences from the NHS, to local government, and Government departments we can help you build the most effective case to secure contracts, and continue to grow your work with all levels of government.

Alongside this, our media experience allows us to expertly target those individuals and publications that will help you grow your profile, and position yourselves favourably in the marketplace. Our crisis communications offering also ensures that you have a plan in place should a difficult or controversial situation ever arise.

We can support you with:

• Local political audits
• Political engagement programmes
• Media campaigns
• Crisis communications
• Stakeholder relations strategy development
• Engagement campaigns

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