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Vifor Pharma is a leading company in iron deficiency therapies.

To raise awareness of iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia in policy and amongst healthcare professionals, and to communicate the health and financial benefits of early treatment through intravenous iron.

GK began its work with Vifor Pharma establishing the independent Anaemia Manifesto Steering Committee, following the launch of the Manifesto in 2016 as a set of policy measures to support better treatment of iron deficiency anaemia. GK now acts as the secretariat for the Steering Committee, which is funded by an unrestricted educational grant from Vifor Pharma.
GK also seeks to promote and share best practice in treating iron deficiency, particularly in areas with the highest rates. GK organised a successful health summit to consider why North, East and West Devon has the highest rates of iron deficiency anaemia hospital admissions in the country, and to discuss solutions.

The Anaemia Manifesto Steering Committee is now leading the debate in the treatment of iron deficiency anaemia and driving the issue up the policy agenda. The Committee includes key figures from the sector, representing major patient organisations and innovative healthcare practitioners. Meanwhile, action is now being taken to address the high rates of iron deficiency in Devon, with a local MP established a Task & Finish Group to implement more effective and efficient treatment pathways.

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Nigel Rees - Chief Executive

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Dr Tom Smith - Chief Executive, British Society of Gastroenterology

“In a policy area as complex and dense as planning, GK Strategy have helped develop and maintain a large and complex network of relationships at various levels of local government, as well as supporting our broader communications across different brands.”

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