by Sarah De Rosa 10th October, 2019
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World Mental Health Day 2019

World Mental Health Day is an important day to raise awareness of mental health and to show support for better mental health.

Mental health issues affect around one in four people each year, so it is vital we all take care of our own mental health and wellbeing and support our friends, family and colleagues.

GK is a people business, We recognise that our staff are our most important asset and that a healthy, happy and engaged workforce will deliver the quality of service that our clients expect.

To support the wellbeing of our staff we have introduced a range of initiatives to ensure our working environment allows every individual to thrive, they are:

1. Flexible working: We are true believers of a healthy life/work balance so allow staff to work flexibly, work from home and we have introduced a 2 hours policy so if anyone needs a break, a lie in or more time to train for that marathon, they can take 2 hours off, no questions asked, at any point during the week.

2. Individual wellbeing budgets: At the beginning of each year, we assign an individual training and wellbeing budget that can be used towards classes such as yoga, meditation, coaching etc, depending on what is right for that individual

3. Mental Health Training: we have sent senior managers on mental health first aid courses, and are rolling out a programme of Mental Health Awareness training for all line managers so they can support their team members and offer help when needed.

4. Healthy eating: It has been proven that a healthy balanced diet helps support positive mental health, as well as warding off illness, so we provide fruit baskets so everyone can start the day with the right foot.

5. Exercise: physical activity is proven to have positive mental and emotional benefits, so we have yoga classes at work, a very active (and occasionally successful!) football team, and support walking meetings where you can talk and walk at the same time.

We spend most of our day at work, so let’s make the workplace a better place to be in.

Take some time today and talk to your colleagues, ask them how they are – and then do the same tomorrow!

Together we can break the taboo of mental health and make all of our lives happier.

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