by GK Strategy 27th January, 2015
3 min read

Will outsourcing decrease if Labour win the election?

The commonly held perception is that a Tory-led government will outsource more than a Labour-led one.

It is a fact that Conservatives are more comfortable with the idea and practice of the private sector acting a as delivery agent for the state.

However, when you look at the statistics, Labour outsource more than the Conservatives.

The Blair and Brown Governments consistently outperform the current administration in terms of number and value of outsourcing contracts.

Meanwhile, over the past five years Labour-led local authorities have outsourced more than Conservative led councils.

Why is this?

As soon as a Conservative government even thinks about outsourcing it faces fierce reactionary opposition from within the Government, unions and left leaning press.

Labour however can bring the critics and the unions with them; they can have a more sensible conversation with the opponents many of whom will be friends and colleagues.

The Labour opposition are often viewed as anti-business and anti-outsourcing. This is electioneering.

In reality. the likes of Miliband, Balls and Burnham were all involved in major out-souring decisions when leading Government departments.

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