by GK Strategy 14th August, 2019
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Summer internship at GK

Having spent two weeks at GK last year, I returned to the office eager to build on the wealth of knowledge and experience I had gained previously. Whilst there were some unfamiliar faces upon arrival, as is the nature of this work I am told, I was given a brief reintroduction to the team and quickly settled back in, much to their credit.

Summer 2018 vs 2019

Over the course of the first week, the stark difference from my time last year, in responsibility, autonomy and workload became abundantly clear, which was both rather daunting, yet also expected and I was therefore keen to get stuck in.

Whether it was mapping potential contacts, which seems to be the bane of political consultancy, attending Parliamentary select committees or even conducting research, there was genuinely not a moment over my month-long internship, in which I felt bored or unapplied, as is sadly the case for the majority of internships in general.

Vast array of industries

One of the things that I found vastly interesting during my time at GK was the vast array of industries that it interacts with. To be able to gain so much knowledge and exposure to different industries, ranging from anything between electric scooters to fire safety measures, was fascinating and clearly shows the comprehensive and incredibly bespoke work that GK conducts.

Furthermore, it was great to be entrusted to sit in on the odd client meeting or listen to key interactions between the team, which offered a refreshing outlook on how the business operates day to day.

The GK team

Lastly, I am very grateful for all the assistance, insight and information the team has given me during my time at GK. Other than being extremely friendly, the team has a truly admirable work ethic and I hope to hold myself to a similar standard of professionalism to them one day.

Overall, the past month at GK has been unbelievably enjoyable and memorable, providing lasting skills and lessons which I will hopefully adhere to when I join the world of work myself.

Felix stayed at GK during the month of July. You can find out more about our rolling internship programme here.

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