Live to Rent: is luxury renting the new home ownership for millennials?

GK is delighted to announce the launch of their latest report on the luxury rental sector. You can read the full report here: Live To Rent.

Housing is one topic that nobody can avoid. Whether considering where you might move next or complaining about high rental prices, we are conversing frequently about our homes – both on
and offline.

However, the traditional Anglo-Saxon home ownership model is now broken. People are no longer saving their money in order to buy their dream homes, and instead turning to premium housing rental models, such as the ones this report will explore. By renting for life, we offer ourselves more flexibility – but it also has important implications in terms of investment and policy, so the Government may wish to take note of the changing attitudes to housing instead of continuing to push policies which are fixated on home ownership.

This report explores options in the rental market for young people, and opportunities for value creation for investors. In particular, we focus on how the built-to-rent sector is evolving. This report examines the exciting investment opportunities in the purpose-built student property sector, which has boomed in recent years and shows no signs of slowdown. Crucially the report answers what is driving different parts of the rental housing markets, why they are attractive to investors, and what the future trajectory may looks like.

GK’s chairman, Stephen Byfield, comments : “Can’t afford your own place and can’t stand the idea of a grotty flat share? Well, why not rent a room and bathroom andshare communal kitchens and living areas; all delivered to the highest quality with bills and cleaning included in the rental. It’s ‘We Work’ for housing and it looks set to catch on fast. So clever, so inventive, so investable.”

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