by GK Strategy 27th July, 2022

Job Advert: Associate

About GK

GK Strategy is an award-winning policy and communications consultancy based in Westminster.

We support businesses and leaders to build relationships in their political and regulatory environment and help improve their reputation and growth through better understanding of the policy landscape.

Our people are at the centre of what we do. GK’s experienced team offers unparalleled political insight and targeted communications strategies and campaigns.

We are recruiting an Associate to work in our Insights team which provides investors with in-depth political, policy & regulatory analysis, advice and due diligence reports on companies and sectors. We are the market-leader in this important area of investor advisory services, having provided due diligence on over 350 deals, valued in excess of $15bn, in the UK and all around the world. Our clients are typically Private Equity and other groups within the investor community.

We are seeking a candidate with excellent research, writing, analytical and project management skills, capable of rapidly getting to grips with the key short to long term dynamics within a sector and in relation to a particular company’s products, services and growth plans. We are looking for someone with a strong track record in producing written political and regulatory analysis and in-depth reports, whether for a think tank, trade association, NGO or corporate or advisory group.

The role

Date Added: 27th July 2022

Closing Date: 19th August 2022

Job Title: Associate (Insights team)

Location: London/ Hybrid working arrangement

Length of Contract: Permanent

Salary: £36-40k

Key Skills / Competencies

  • Excellent written communication skills with good primary and secondary research experience.
  • Has the ability to distil complex information succinctly both verbally and on paper.
  • Strong commercial awareness (ideally of the private equity or VC markets) and understanding of how policy developments impact clients
  • Ability to work autonomously and independently, and to work to multiple tight deadlines under pressure
  • Excellent organisation and time management. Project management skills are also important.
  • Ability to build good relationships and networks.
  • Critical thinking and evaluation skills to scrutinise a policy area and the findings of colleagues

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsibility for delivery of due diligence reports, research projects and reviews for retained clients.
  • Development of the due diligence service including risk reporting.
  • Leading feedback meetings alongside senior colleagues on project delivery.
  • Responsibility for monitoring services for corporate and investor clients as required
  • Providing tailored and personal feedback to staff on project delivery and training support to the team.
  • Senior role in the delivery of GK research projects for high-profile corporate clients.
  • Acting as a policy specialist when brought into external meetings e.g., with new client prospects.
  • Being a GK ambassador embodying the GK Values of Excellence, Rigour, Initiative and Respect.
  • Share intelligence on our key markets (education, financial services, healthcare).
  • Develop thoughtful content on relevant policy developments for sharing with our investor base.

Application Details

Please send Joe Cormack a full CV and covering letter/email at joecormack@gkstrategy.com

Interviews will be arranged on application. Please note that we reserve the right to appoint an exceptional candidate before the closing date.

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