by Charlotte Stockton 28th February, 2019

Farewell to Free Movement : 2019 Update

GK Strategy and onefourzero are delighted to announce the launch our latest report, Farewell to Free Movement: 2019 Update. This report follows on from previous research on the same subject in 2018 and 2017.

You can read the latest report here – Migration Update 2019

While last year’s report found a significant decrease in EU migrant interest in coming to work in the UK, this year’s report focuses on a levelling off of this demand and also highlights growing interest in careers in our public services, particularly the NHS, from non-EU migrants.

In our previous analysis, we chose to focus on a selection of countries. This year, as Brexit is almost upon us, our analysis focuses on the EU block as a whole, comparing and contrasting to a number of key non EU countries – India, Canada, Nigeria and Australia. We chose to look at these four non-EU countries as we had also used them in previous reports, to make comparisons easier. Interestingly across all these countries, except India, search demand for jobs in the UK fell throughout 2018, as it had been doing in previous years also.

The report also analyses the recently published Migration White Paper, and considers its long-term effects, as well as looking at the immediate reaction to its suggestions. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the white paper did not receive an overly positive reception – characteristic of a more divided Britain than ever, where very little can be agreed on by anyone, particularly on matters as polarising as immigration.

We also look at three key sectors perceived to be hardest hit by Brexit – Housing and Construction, Agriculture, and Health and Social Care. The picture is not all bleak however, as we also explore solutions to the challenges that pragmatic policymakers are facing in this space. GK have been helping a number of clients to prepare such plans, and would be delighted to discuss how we can help you too.


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