by Sarah De Rosa 3rd January, 2019
3 min read

Culture at GK Strategy : why working with us is great

Considering the workplace continues to evolve and become more modern, a company’s culture is becoming more and more important to employees and potential candidates.

However, this is no longer a team building day once a year or  drinks after work on a Friday. As organisations grow with time and as generations of employees change, their needs and expectations in the workplace change too. Employees want flexibility, to be challenged, better pay, good holiday as well as perks. Employees want communicated appreciation and trust from colleagues and the higher management. They also desire leadership, and opportunities to grow and progress along a career ladder.

The culture at GK Strategy

As Head of People and Culture, it is my job to ensure our culture is making our people happy to be here– as well as ensuring it allows a productive work environment.

I have worked in very different places with very different cultures, and no matter the culture or company, the focus has always been on the identity of the company, the image, the people and how they retain their talent.

GK is an ambitious and innovative company. Therefore, our culture is one that recognises the importance and value of the people who work here. We share a positive attitude in what we do and how we do it.  At every level of the business we look for people with character, ambition and an enthusiastic approach. We have also recently undergone an exciting rebrand that we believe shows these values better than ever – and gives a peek into the young, vibrant company that we are.

Healthy environment

At GK Strategy we believe that going to work should be fulfilling, rewarding and fun. We work hard to create an environment that supports this. The team spirit that exists in our office is why our people enjoy working for us. Furthermore, it is key to our success as a business.

We know how important it is to have a healthy work/life balance and that is why one of the most popular benefits we offer is our 2-hour policy. This allows all our employees to take 2 hours back from their working week to do whatever they want.

We also encourage our people to get out of the office as much as possible to attend events, meet others in the industries we work in and develop skills that cannot be cultivated at a desk. Alongside this we also offer weekly training and ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions with interesting speakers. These development opportunities make our team stronger, both individually and together.

Our aim is to make GK the best place to work!

A people’s business

At the end of the day, we are a people business and pride ourselves on the team we have created. At GK, we recognise that we are only as strong as the relationships we build with our clients, and only as good as the people we employ.

We invest time and resources in making sure that we understand our clients and their objectives, and in supporting our people to be the best they can be. We build specific teams for each client to meet their brief, unshackled by corporate structures or cost centres. Furthermore, as an independent agency, we are not bound to corporate targets. We put our clients’ interests first and are passionate about delivering tangible results. We want our clients to know that everything we do for them is geared towards providing greater insight, strategy and impact.

GK have the freedom to think long term, outside the box and relish the opportunities to do so.

Ultimately, we acknowledge the importance of being happy at work, as the most of our days are in the office. We constantly review the different perks and conduct surveys to make sure everybody feels valued and to improve people’s satisfaction. We are very proud of our culture and can’t wait to grow the team and make it even better!


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