Early years in crisis: will the new Prime Minister take action?

On July 1st, the APPG on Childcare and Education launched a report on the financial sustainability of the early years sector. It found a sector in crisis: with problems that echo those in the care sector: lack of funding, recruitment and retention issues, and increasing costs. It urged the Government act. Policy Changes In recent years, the early years sector has undergone...

Isabelle Hillson 17th Jul, 2019 Insight 3 min read

What are Prime Minister Boris’ spending plans?

  As the contest for the Conservative Party leader and the next Prime Minster reaches a climax, scrutiny is turning to the spending plans of the likely winner. Boris Johnson, the front runner, is running an effective campaign to win the leadership ballot amongst Tory members. His public spending plans will be a key interest for businesses who work with government, public sector organisations and the wider economy. So what does Prime Minister Boris have in store and how could this affect...

Edward Jones 16th Jul, 2019 Insight
Government , Politics
3 min read

Crisis comms when Panorama come calling

As is now standard, stories of splits and discord at the upper echelons of the Labour Party have been splashed across this week’s papers. As has too often been the case, arguments about whether Labour has or has not done enough to address allegations of antisemitism sit behind much of the press – prompted by news that the BBC is about to broadcast a Panorama special lifting the lid on the Party’s shortcomings. BBC comes knocking on your door It’s hard not to feel...

Mark Fuller 10th Jul, 2019 Strategy
Communications , Crisis comms
5 min read

Carlsberg: proof that producing poor products sustainably isn’t sustainable – and shouldn’t be celebrated.

"Probably NOT the best beer in the world" Carlsberg has won lots of plaudits for its frank new advertising campaign (pictured) admitting that 'we lost our way. We focused on brewing quantity, not quality; we became one of the cheapest, not the best.' A new TV

Martin Summers 9th Jul, 2019 Insight
ESG , insight , sustainability
3 min read

The life of an Intern – Interning for a communications agency

Alfie Dewdney joined us for a short internship this summer. Here are his thoughts from working at GK. Day One First day nerves – there’s no avoiding them. Venturing out to spend a week in London as an Intern was always going to be daunting, but when combined with an abrupt 6am start and the challenge of manoeuvring trains and tubes, it’s natural to feel a little uneasy. Fortunately, on arrival at the office on Monday morning, any feelings of apprehension and worry soon left...

GK Strategy 2nd Jul, 2019 Insight
Communications , GK culture
3 min read

What a sustainable cannabis sector should look like and how to get there

Cannabis continues to be legalised or decriminalised at a rapid rate. CBD (Cannabidiol) products are widely available on the UK high street and the medical and therapeutic benefits of cannabis are being increasingly recognised. But although cannabis continues to be hotly debated, there is remarkably little discussion about what a responsible cannabis sector would look like and how to get there. A lot of questions remain largely unanswered – and in many cases, not posed at all,...

Smarter London Together: engaging with City Hall’s ambitious plans for a digital London

A fundamental strength of London is its flourishing technology scene. The city is now a key hub for Medtech, EdTech, innovations in mobility, as well as the global hub for FinTech, LegalTech and professional services. Yet, the pace of London boroughs to grasp some of...

The case for ESG due diligence

ESG: moving beyond due diligence as a red flag exercise Higher asset prices and more competitive bidding has driven an increase in the breadth and depth of due diligence, including ESG. ESG due diligence on B2C assets has increased as consumers and retailers have become more concerned about ESG issues, such as consumer protection, waste and recycling, and ethical sourcing. ESG due diligence on B2B assets has also increased as clients focus more on responsible...