The New Conservative Government: the current political landscape

The 2019 general election has led to several big changes in how Parliament and Government will do business over the next five years. What are they, and what do they mean for businesses affected by policy and regulatory change who want to make their voice in Westminster and Whitehall? The Conservatives’ victory in December – securing them the largest parliamentary majority of any single-party government for more than a decade – means that the way in which businesses engage with...

How the Conservative majority will change political risk for investors

The Conservatives’ majority of 80 seats has removed one of the biggest political risks to investors. A hung parliament, let alone a Labour administration, will remain a distant possibility. The Prime Minister no longer needs to tread carefully to win votes in the Commons. Yet, the actions of this single-party government – the first significant majority in the UK for over a decade – will be more complex to forecast. The dynamics of Parliament and politics have changed...

Does trust matter in politics?

Does the issue of trust matter in politics anymore? Is our endorsement of a political party or candidate dependent on attributing some degree of trust towards them? Or do emotive messages and idealistic policies override whether any of it will be implemented? Consider the parallel worlds of business and consumerism. We engage with brands and products that we trust. We often work and form productive relationships with people we trust. Our networks are made of people we can trust. In...

Thomas Lambton 3rd Dec, 2019 Insight
Politics , UK Politics
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Can Labour’s manifesto trigger “real change” in the polls?

Since parliament voted for a December 12 election, Labour has made some progress in the polls – with the party now polling at 29% (it stood at 24% immediately before the election was called). However, Corbyn still finds his party trailing Boris Johnson’s by around a dozen points. The party’s hopes now rest on it’s radical manifesto, but will this be enough to close the gap? A manifesto of “hope”? Corbyn has so far struggled to cut through in the election...

Reviewing the draft NHS commercial medicines framework – clarification made possible through collaboration and dialogue

The draft NHS Commercial Framework for Medicines is published and out for consultation. The Framework was a commitment set out in the recent

Joe Cormack 21st Nov, 2019 Insight
Health , NHS , Healthcare
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The university brand: keeping up with student demands

Seven years since the coalition government removed the cap on university places, the competition between universities to attract more and more students has soared. With fees rising, and students demanding value for money, universities must think about how they attract students like never before. Students have become “customers” and if universities are to remain competitive, they must go beyond pure academic reputation and develop a compelling brand narrative to attract...

Breaking all the rules

Both Labour and the Conservatives have made major announcements on their respective economic policies in the early days of the 2019 general election campaign. Much of this has centred on the fiscal rules that a Government led by either party would follow – essentially, how each party would account for its public spending and taxation plans. Both parties are proposing significant changes to the UK’s current framework for public spending over the next few years, but what are they and what do...

3 misconceptions about the 2019 general election

Although the contest to enter Number 10 is in its infancy, there are already a number of dominant narratives beginning to take shape – and perhaps mistakenly so. 'Boris Johnson is heading for a majority' Despite Jeremy Corbyn stating that Labour have been ready for an election ever since the last, the party has long given the impression it is running scared of an...