Capitalism Overthrown: Understanding Labour’s economic policy

Please fill out the form to read the whitepaper. When John McDonnell was appointed Shadow Chancellor in September 2015 after Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader, almost all of the media reports on him contained the citation from his Who’s Who entry that described his aim of ‘generally fermenting the overthrow of capitalism’. Despite some concerns over whether McDonnell’s temperament made him suitable for the role, he was the natural choice for Corbyn to take on the role...

Jamie Cater 22nd Oct, 2019

eBook – The ESG risks your business could be facing

Please fill out the form to receive the eBook. Are you aware of the risks your business could be facing when it comes to ESG (environmental, social and governance)? Some of the biggest ESG risks that businesses face today relate to new or possible legislation, as well as increasing expectations and scrutiny from politicians, regulators, the media, and campaigning organisations on how businesses are demonstrating responsible behaviour. In this eBook we analyse three key...

GK Strategy 4th Jul, 2019 10 min read

Why you should prioritise crisis communications planning

Warren Buffett said, “It takes 20 years to build a good reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it”. This is a powerful throwaway comment, but why should businesses and organisations take this seriously? Reputational issues and crises can take hold in any way. We are all operating in a truly global, interconnected marketplace where news travels faster than ever before. So when a business is considering a decision or set of actions, they need to understand that this has potentially unconstrained...

GK Strategy 8th May, 2019

Why due diligence is important for Private Equity

Please fill out the form to receive the whitepaper. Why is due diligence important to private equity? Why should private equity professionals consider political due diligence (PDD)? Fill out the form and read our insights based on 10 year's experience providing political due diligence to Private Equity firms.  

Jamie Cater 24th Apr, 2019

Farewell to Free Movement : 2019 Update

Please fill out the form to read the whitepaper. As Brexit is almost upon us, our analysis focuses on the EU block as a whole, comparing and contrasting to a number of key non EU countries – India, Canada, Nigeria and Australia. We chose to look at these four non-EU countries as we had also used them in previous reports, to make comparisons easier. Interestingly across all these countries, except India, search demand for jobs in the UK fell throughout 2018. The report also...

GK Strategy 1st Mar, 2019
Brexit, General News, Government, Reports

Live to Rent: Is luxury renting the new home ownership for millennials?

Please fill out the form to read the whitepaper. Whether considering where you might move next or complaining about high rental prices, we are conversing frequently about our homes – both on and offline. This report explores options in the rental market for young people, and opportunities for value creation for investors. In particular, we focus on how the built-to-rent sector is evolving. This report examines the exciting investment opportunities in the purpose-built student...

GK Strategy 15th Jan, 2019
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What Would Jeremy Do?

Please fill out the form to read the whitepaper. The last three years in British politics have been among the most tumultuous and uncertain in living memory. The possibility of the next general election resulting in a government led by Labour, with Corbyn at its helm, is now at the forefront of the minds of business leaders and those making investment decisions in the UK. Whether his policy platform is considered a throwback to 20th century socialism or a popular agenda designed to...

Jamie Cater 6th Jan, 2019
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Reforming IR35

GK Strategy are delighted to announce the launch our latest briefing paper entitled Reforming IR35: Engaging with the Government’s proposals for off-payroll working in the private sector. The paper is on the subject of the Government consultation on plans to extend the IR35 reforms to the private sector, following its introduction to the public sector in April last year. The Government instigated these reforms due to concerns that some umbrella companies were marketing themselves as a...

Jamie Cater 12th Jul, 2018