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We provide communications strategies for engaging with local government and to support developers through every stage of the planning journey.


Our consultants are experts drawn from local government, national politics, media and the digital world, meaning we can provide strategic programmes of integrated communications support that help you achieve your objectives.

We understand successful development projects depend on building consent with key political decision makers, members of the community and local/national media.

GK Local provides clients with a comprehensive package encompassing all three essential strands of communications. Using our team’s extensive political and policy background, we have combined our services to create a fully integrated planning communications support offering which covers the services listed below. We develop communications plans that employ specific tactics to build advocates in the community, support amongst political decision makers and with media influencers.


“GK has shown us they can consistently deliver outcomes for a large business over a long period of time with the right mix of flexibility and a strong work ethic. In a policy area as complex and dense as planning, they have helped develop and maintain a large and complex network of relationships at various levels of local government as well as supporting our broader communications across different brands. They are passionate about achieving our business objectives and are continually thinking of more creative ideas to keep our voice relevant and at the forefront of planning stakeholders’ agendas.”

Martin Meech
Group Director of Property, Travis Perkins

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Matt Palutikof
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GK Local Services

  • Political Intelligence

    Our Political Audits ensure clients understand contextual factors of local government and planning policy in the area. Including summaries and analysis of planning guidance published by local government, City Hall and Whitehall, local authority’s planning permission records and local press coverage. Our audits inform our stakeholder management programme and show where local engagement should be focused.

  • Digital Intelligence

    Utilising GK’s expert digital team, onefourzero, and our cutting edge suite of social listening software, GK is able to underpin all strategies and delivery with Sentiment Audits. GK helps clients to inform engagement and position themselves effectively according to real-time community needs and expectations.

  • Public Affairs

    Establishing and advising on engagement programmes with local government and influencers before planning applications are submitted and critically, during the decision making process to ensure consensus is reached.

  • Community Engagement

    Using digital analysis to determine key issues, running community engagement programmes that meet the needs of local people but importantly, ask the right questions to ensure a positive dialogue is achieved with key community stakeholders and the wider public.

  • Media Campaigns

    Securing positive local and national media coverage is vital to ensuring public attitudes are in favour of planning proposals. In the event of controversial applications, our scenario planning services make sure you are prepared for issues of all forms.

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