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Unrivaled policy and regulatory risk analysis for UK and international investors including private equity, venture capital, lenders and corporates, in addition to support to maximise growth and minimise risk to portfolio companies.


GK are market leaders in assessing and managing political and policy risk during the buy, sell and management of businesses. GK help the investment community to maximise growth through analysis of market trends, mapping opportunities and assisting investment decisions through analysis of the digital landscape. We mitigate risk and maximise opportunity through influencing policy in a range of jurisdictions across the world.

Through expert political analysis and in-depth research, GK provides unrivalled independent advisory services to investors on political and regulatory risks and opportunities. Our political due diligence team has advised on over 200 transactions across a range of sectors from health and education to energy, infrastructure and financial services.

Whether looking at local authorities in Northern Ireland, Government Departments in Whitehall, EU regulators in Brussels or the Ministries of the People’s Republic of China, GK identifies and speaks to the key decision makers, discovering the intricacies and dynamics of public sector institutions. Using this, we provide insight in depth and breadth, contributing commercially focused recommendations for strategic planning and value creation. Our global network of associate consultants allows us to advise on investments in any jurisdiction.

Our clients range from venture capital and mid-market private equity funds to FTSE 100 corporates, investment banks and alternative lenders to some of the world’s largest investment firms.

GK’s Investor Services

  • Political Due Diligence

    GK provides political/policy and regulatory risk analysis on the buy and sell side.

  • Market Mapping

    Audit the policy environment in your key markets, your current relationships and provide comprehensive lead sourcing of key decision makers.

  • Digital Diligence & Digital Portfolio Strategy

    Undertaking Digital Due Diligence to understand the digital market for businesses, profile and reputation.

  • Public Sector Customer Referencing

    GK helps businesses to understand the perspectives of future public sector customers.

  • Brexit Advisory

    GK can help you understand the processes, mitigate your organisational risk, and stay on top of ongoing developments.

  • Digital Portfolio Strategy

    Helping portfolio managers and management teams develop digital strategies to maximise growth

  • Brand Audits

    Analysis of brand sentiment, social media and review sites to establish a brand’s equity.

  • Portfolio Management Support

    Including market mapping, risk management, communications support and public sector sales support.


Investor Services News, Reports and Case Studies

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Case Studies

  • Exponent

    OMERS Private Equity

    GK has provided political due diligence on a number of deals with exponent. 

    Full case study


    OMERS Private Equity

    GK has provided political due diligence on a number of deals with OMERS. 

    Full case study

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