Helping you navigate the highly regulated and increasingly competitive healthcare market.


Health and social care is one of the most diverse yet interconnected policy spaces. To achieve objectives in this crowded arena requires the ability to navigate the many layers of the NHS and the close interaction between public health, primary, acute and social care.

Healthcare is GK’s largest policy sector; our dedicated team brings a truly holistic understanding of health and social care policy having worked with clients across the sector from the UK’s largest NHS Trusts, established pharmaceutical companies and Royal Colleges to innovative life science SMEs, specialised social care providers and medical universities.


“Lifeways Group and GK Strategy have developed a strong relationship over the last few years. GK go to a lot of trouble to really understand our business, and the world in which we operate. They stay focused on what is really important to us, and have made a big difference in how Lifeways is perceived, both as a provider of services for people with learning disabilities, but also as an organisation that influences policy”

Adam Penwarden
Project Director, Lifeways

Head of Sector

Emily Wallace
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Health Services

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    Public Affairs

    GK assists organisations to shape policy by identifying relevant targets and build strong relationships with decision makers and those that influence them. Our health experts support organisations navigate the complex polices and structures of Government and the NHS and advise on the messages and engagement tactics which help make an impact in this crowded field.

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    Policy Research

    GK’s dedicated research team can help keep abreast of the latest developments in health policy and advise on the impact and opportunities for businesses. We also anticipate and identify the political and policy risks which can affect your bottom line and advise on the optimal communications and policy engagement strategy to manage and mitigate risk.

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    Media Relations

    GK’s media operators have extensive experience of delivering coverage in health, national and local press, whether through print, online, television or radio. Our knowledge of public relations sits alongside our understanding of the UK health system. This means we are able to effectively manage the reputation of health and social care providers, understand where opportunities lie and to communicate their story to the right audience.

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    Corporate Communications

    GK helps businesses from start-ups up to established multinationals build communications strategies to enhance their corporate identity and improve their position in the highly regulated health and social care markets.

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    Utilising GK’s expert digital team, onefourzero, and our cutting edge suite of social listening software, GK is able to underpin all strategies and delivery with Sentiment Audits. GK helps clients to inform engagement and position themselves effectively according to real-time community needs and expectations.

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    Issues and Crisis Communications

    In such a highly regulated and public facing sector, planning for a crisis is absolutely vital. GK works with organisations to plan for, and respond to, reputational issues and incidents.

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    Local Engagement

    On a local level, GK helps organisations engage with stakeholders such as commissioners, councils, STP leads, public health officials and Academic Health Science Network to build positive and long-term relationships – supporting you to identify and capitalise on business development opportunities.

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    Public Sector Data Analysis

    GK’s expert quantitative data analysts can inspect the vast amounts of data produced by the public health sector – from NHS workforce figures to private equity investment levels in medical devices – to look for insights and business development opportunities for your organisation.

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    Secretariat Function

    GK has a proven track record of establishing and running comprehensive secretariat functions for membership bodies, trade associations and APPGs. We can administer the complete operations of the group, organise all logistics for meetings, advise on policy issues and manage all communications channels in order to further your objectives.

        Health News, Reports and Case Studies

        Recent News

        Case Studies

        • The Shelford Group

          The Shelford Group

          The Shelford Group represents ten of England’s leading NHS multi-specialty academic healthcare organisations who collectively employ over 100,000 people and have a turnover of over £10 billion. GK provides secretariat and public affairs support for the Shelford Group.

          Full case study

        • Deb Group Ltd

          Deb Group Ltd

          Deb Group is the leading skincare and hand hygiene supplier to the NHS. 

          Full case study

        • Lifeways


          GK has provided ongoing public affairs support for Lifeways to achieve policy changes on a number of issues. 

          Full case study

        • Horizon

          Horizon Care and Education 

          GK provided reputational risk management and developed crisis management systems

          Full case study

        • The British Society of Gastroenterology

          The British Society of Gastroenterology

          GK provided media and political relations expertise and training to drive their wider communications objectives. 

          Full case study

        • The Royal College of Occupational Therapists

          The Royal College of Occupational Therapists

          GK provided public relations support for the Royal College of Occupational Therapists, who aim to promote the benefits of occupational therapy to the public, service commissioners and political representatives.

          Full case study

        • UCLAN

          University of Central Lancashire 

          GK provided public affairs services for the University of Central Lancashire to secure domestic medical student places for their School of Medicine.  

          Full case study

        • Quotient Clinical

          Quotient Clinical

          An international drug development company specialising in formulation development, manufacturing and clinical testing. 

          Full case study

        • Vifor Pharma UK

          Vifor Pharma UK 

          Vifor Pharma is a leading company in iron deficiency therapies, GK helped raise the profile of Vifor and awareness of iron deficiency.

          Full case study