Global Network

GK provides research and analysis for markets across the globe.

We assess risk and opportunity at a macro and micro political level across all regions. With private equity increasingly investing across Europe and further afield, our expertise can help investors map markets, understand uncertainty and with the help of our public engagement work, mitigate risk and maximise opportunity through influencing policy in a range of jurisdictions.

Our well established-network of affiliates provides us with local political insight that our advisory team shapes into international, strategic guidance for investors and businesses alike.

We are delighted to be the only independent agency in the UK selected to be part of Denton’s Nextlaw Public Affairs Network, providing us with access to communications professionals in over 100 countries and a network of 550 law firms around the world.

GK's Global Network

International Case Studies


Global Market Analysis

GK provided due diligence on the acquisition of a global environmental consultancy. We provided clarity on the trajectory of relevant global policy trends, from international efforts to tackle climate change and macroeconomic shifts affecting the oil, gas and raw materials sectors through engaging with high level stakeholders at the UN, OECD and G8. Our network of affiliates allowed us to provide a comprehensive overview of environmental regulation in a range of domestic markets, including China, Australia and the United States.

Transport in France

GK assisted an investor in the hop-on, hop-off tourist bus market, looking at the detailed regulatory environment in major cities such as London and Paris. Using our expert partners on the ground, we covered a range of issues to help the investor get comfortable with the wide range of local regulatory regimes the business was exposed to.

Political Risk in China

GK provided diligence on the sale of a global consumer financial services company with operations in 31 countries. GK assessed key political, policy and regulatory trends in a number of core markets, from China and Hong Kong to the European Union. With an ever more complex tax and finance environment globally, GK was able to get to the heart of what was driving political decision making across and within many different jurisdictions, providing clarity and certainty for potential investors.