ESG & Sustainability

Risk and opportunity assessment, strategic advisory and support services to help create value, ensure compliance, and align with expectations.


What we do

GK specialises in advising investors and companies operating in highly regulated and politically sensitive markets, where any approach to Environmental, Social and Governance factors (ESG) and sustainability need to be informed by changing political and regulatory expectations and priorities.

We identify, prioritise and manage ESG and sustainability risks and opportunities to help create value.
We look at ESG in the widest sense, to assess a firm’s compliance with regulations and with codes of conduct and their ability to meet expectations of quality. A responsible business will only be recognised as such if it delivers high quality services and products.
GK’s ESG & Sustainability practice can help your firm develop, implement and communicate outstanding policies, processes, governance and behaviour.

We help businesses go beyond compliance and expectations of best practice, to become recognised as market leaders, driving higher standards and better regulation.
We help investors at every stage of the investment process, from due diligence to developing 100 day plans, to ongoing support to investors and portfolio companies, through to vendor due diligence. We help investors develop

What makes GK different

GK was a pioneer in creating political due diligence, helping investors understand the changing political and regulatory landscapes in depth and what the material impact of changes could be on current and potential assets.

We bring the same investor-focused rigour and political and regulatory insight to our ESG and sustainability work.

We don’t just identify ESG risks – due to shortcomings in company policy, process or performance – we also determine the political and regulatory consequences that could arise from these risks.

We can advise and support companies and investors on mitigating these risks through improved approaches to ESG and sustainability
We can also use our political expertise to help companies engage with politicians, regulators and civil society on these issues, to mitigate risk and help shape the political environment to create more opportunities to create value.

We help businesses go beyond compliance to become market leaders in their field.

GK’s ESG & Sustainability Services

  • ESG for Investors

    We advise on every stage of the asset cycle, from sector assessments to due diligence and 100 days plans for specific assets, through to ongoing support and de-risking prior to sale. Our ESG due diligence includes detailed analysis of a company’s ESG credentials and performance, and incorporates a gap analysis against our assessment of sector best practice. We conduct interviews with managers and staff and with external stakeholders. We make recommendations for 100 days plans and beyond and offer strategy sessions to help investors and portfolio companies.

  • ESG & Sustainability for Companies

    We combine an investor-informed focus on value with with over 15 years’ in-house experience, allowing our team to identify and help implement practical proposals that address the key material concerns of all stakeholders. We help companies develop strategy, policies, processes and governance and we devise and support communication and engagement strategies. We don’t chase fads; instead we apply a rigorous approach focused on a company’s key material risks and opportunities, informed by key changes in the political, regulatory and customer landscapes.

ESG News, Reports and Case Studies

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Case Studies

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    Northgate Public Services

    GK helped strengthen Northgate's relationships with government. 

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  • Ameresco


    GK provided a comprehensive policy research and market mapping report for Ameresco, an American energy efficiency company looking to access the UK market. 

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