We help CEOs, investment managers & communications teams make informed investment decisions through analysis of the digital landscape.


With 40,000 Google search queries and 6,000 Tweets every second, the digital world has created a wealth of information for organisations to try and understand.

The sheer volume can be seen as overwhelming, or, with the right tools, can offer up the largest focus group in the world.

So whether you are a Private Equity investor, portfolio manager, C-Level executive or communications professional, we can help you understand where your brand sits online, your strengths and weaknesses against your competitors, which channels are working for you and what the future looks like in your sector.

As independent outsiders, we answer all sorts of questions from the granular to the big picture through quantitative and qualitative analysis across the areas listed below.

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Digital Services

  • Full Digital Diligence and Strategy Consultation

    Gathering data on audience behaviour, digital activity and technology development to understand a brand’s equity, penetration, position and performance online. Critical for B2B and B2C brands of all sectors in today’s commercial environment.

  • Market Analysis

    Assessing the digital marketplace to understand the competitive landscape, digital market penetration and opportunities for growth.

  • Marketing Analysis

    Diligence to understand effectiveness, opportunity and risk, and to forecast potential growth strategies.

  • Audience Behaviours and Brand Equity

    Analysis and attribution through audience behaviour and sentiment indicators to assist in strategic decision-making and efficiencies.

  • Platform Analysis

    Benchmarking conversion performance against the sector and competitors, understanding trends and discovering opportunity.

  • Ongoing Strategy

    Data-driven analysis to provide strategy and management consultation for local, national and international implementation.

  • Benchmarking and Reporting

    Interim rand dashboard reporting for internal performance management across marketing, operations and customer services.

  • Sector Insights

    Analysis of a sector’s digital arena from a commercial perspective in order to understand growth, risk, opportunities, potential and any significant trends that might be essential for your awareness.

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