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Communications can no longer be separated neatly into offline and online and organisations are still running to catch up with the ever-evolving digital world.

With 40,000 Google search queries and 6,000 Tweets every second, the digital world has created a wealth of information for organisations to try and understand.

The sheer volume can be seen as overwhelming, or, with the right tools, can offer up the largest focus group in the world.

GK’s team are digital natives who understand the intricacies of how online can be harnessed to support your communications strategy.

We deliver data-driven advice and reports that help organisations make decisions that affect commercial growth, marketing investment, digital strategy, operations and international expansion.

We can help you understand where your brand sits online, your strengths and weaknesses against your competitors, which channels are working for you and what the future looks like in your sector.

Our services combine our team of analysts with advanced technology, creating a unique combination that brings you commercial intelligence, market research and analysis into the digital age.

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GK’s Digital Services

  • Digital Diligence

    Gathering data on audience behaviour, digital activity and technology development to understand a brand’s equity, penetration, position and performance online. Critical for B2B and B2C brands of all sectors in today’s commercial environment.

  • Digital Strategy Consultation

    Using data on audience behavior, sentiment and digital activity to inform your online communications strategies.

  • Social Sentiment Analysis

    Using our suite of social listening tools, we can track sentiment on social media in real time, providing invaluable insight.

  • Marketing Effectiveness Audits

    We can help you understand the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, identify opportunities and risks, and to forecast potential growth strategies.

  • Brand Equity Analysis

    Through analysis of brand sentiment, social media and review sites, we can asses your brand’s equity and help achieve your commercial objectives.

  • Social Listening

    Scocial can provide valuable intel and early warnings for communications challenges, we can help you pinpoint the conversations that matter.

  • Market Share Analysis

    Assessing the digital marketplace to understand the competitive landscape, digital market penetration and opportunities for growth.

  • Benchmarking and Reporting

    Interim and dashboard reporting for internal performance management across marketing, operations and customer services.

  • Audience Behaviour Analysis

    Analysis and attribution through audience behaviour and sentiment indicators to assist in strategic decision-making.

  • Competitor Benchmarking

    Benchmarking conversion performance against the sector and competitors, understanding trends and discovering opportunity.

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