Corporate Communications

We help clients build a narrative, take control of the agenda and manage their reputation.

We live in an attention deficit age. The way we listen, read and consume information is changing and the public, rightly, expects transparency from leaders in both the corporate and public spheres.

As traditional mediums for communicating with the public evolve, organisations face an ongoing challenge to keep up. GK’s consultants understand the practical application of this ever-changing dynamic and help clients get their message heard and understood, whatever the medium.

Our experience is deliberately broad, stemming from the world of media, business and politics. This enables us to deliver thought-provoking campaigns and deliver diligent communications advice to leaders across industry.

We work with clients every day to help them tackle reputational challenges in highly regulated markets. Reputation should be viewed as an asset, one that can be protected, built and maintained to weather future storms.

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Ned Lamb
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Corporate Communications Services

  • Campaign Public Relations

    We are leaders at supporting clients to win campaigns, at a national and local level. We take an innovative approach – seamlessly combining media, political and digital engagement to achieve genuine impact.

  • Corporate Positioning and CSR Support

    Our consultants lead campaigns that help clients shift perception, improve market position and align to changing agendas, often in highly regulated markets.

  • Crisis and Issue Management

    We are experts at guiding organisations through reputational issues and crises, supporting clients to plan for scenarios, developing tailored rebuttals, training spokespeople and providing 24/7 press office, media monitoring and on-location counsel.

  • Media Training

    Our media training services are highly tailored, with sessions designed for each client depending on the issue or opportunity. We offer specific or multi-channel training, preparing clients for print, online, radio and television interviews.

  • Reputational Risk Analysis

    Our unique three step reputation risk and management service is aimed at identifying, understanding and mitigating reputational risk that can directly impact on the bottom line.

  • 24/7 Virtual Press Office

    With a highly trained and experienced team of media operators, we offer a 24/7 press office on hand to accept media bids and liaise with journalists whenever required.

  • Communications Strategy

    Developing effective communication strategy sits at the heart of our business, GK loves nothing more than to do research, plan and map out a route to implementing successful campaigns.

  • Messaging Development

    GK helps clients to develop their core narrative, building on existing areas of expertise and identifying where they can shape the debate.

  • Internal Communications

    GK’s experience in external communications has taught us that getting internal communications right is paramount to protecting and enhancing reputation. We help clients engage effectively with their workforce, boosting morale and enhancing internal understanding of corporate objectives.

  • Social Media Strategy Development and Training

    GK can help organisations shape up for the future by developing innovative social media strategies and delivering expert workshops to empower staff to use social media more effectively.

  • Corporate Risk Management

    GK helps corporates to identify and manage political risk, including as part of their Annual Reporting process.

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