Our Clients

Delivering for clients is our number one priority. Knowing their organisation intimately is paramount to achieving great results and we take time to get this right. Fostering strong, long term relationships is important to us, which is why we place their needs at the centre of ours.

We deliver campaigns and engagement programmes for clients working in all sectors. Whilst we are at heart a multi-disciplinary agency, we have a dedicated Health & Social Care Practice and also have specialisms in Education, Skills and Finance.

Meet some of our clients

  • Travis Perkins plc

    Travis Perkins

    GK has worked with Travis Perkins since 2015, covering issues including Training, Managed Services and Property.

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  • The University of Sheffield

    The University of Sheffield

    GK worked with the Russell Group university on their positioning to both internal and external stakeholders. 

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  • The Shelford Group

    The Shelford Group

    The Shelford Group represents ten of England’s leading NHS multi-specialty academic healthcare organisations who collectively employ over 100,000 people and have a turnover of over £10 billion. GK provides secretariat and public affairs support for the Shelford Group.

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  • Vifor Pharma UK

    Vifor Pharma UK 

    Vifor Pharma is a leading company in iron deficiency therapies, GK helped raise the profile of Vifor and awareness of iron deficiency.

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  • Glass and Glazing Federation

    Glass and Glazing Federation

    GK has worked with the Glass and Glazing Federation since 2010, providing services such as engagement strategies, lobbying and content development. 

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  • The BIMM Group

    The BIMM Group

    GK has worked with The British & Irish Modern Music Institute since 2012, providing services such as engagement programmes, lobbying and profile raising activities. 

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  • Buy As You View

    Buy As You View 

    GK provided media support for Buy As You View during a period of public and political scrutiny. 

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  • The University of Leeds

    The University of Leeds

    GK undertook an external engagement project to raise the profile of the universities research in order to secure more funding. 

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  • Deb Group Ltd

    Deb Group Ltd

    Deb Group is the leading skincare and hand hygiene supplier to the NHS. 

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  • Cass Business School, City University

    The CASS Business School 

    GK worked with the Cass Business School in 2015 for a year focusing on a stakeholder engagement programme. 

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  • Welltower


    GK conducted a market mapping report for Welltower, an American healthcare real estate investment trust, looking to enter the UK market.

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    OMERS Private Equity

    GK has provided political due diligence on a number of deals with OMERS. 

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  • Exponent

    OMERS Private Equity

    GK has provided political due diligence on a number of deals with exponent. 

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  • Northgate

    Northgate Public Services

    GK helped strengthen Northgate's relationships with government. 

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  • The Royal College of Occupational Therapists

    The Royal College of Occupational Therapists

    GK provided public relations support for the Royal College of Occupational Therapists, who aim to promote the benefits of occupational therapy to the public, service commissioners and political representatives.

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  • The British Society of Gastroenterology

    The British Society of Gastroenterology

    GK provided media and political relations expertise and training to drive their wider communications objectives. 

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  • Horizon

    Horizon Care and Education 

    GK provided reputational risk management and developed crisis management systems

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  • National Schools Training

    National Schools Training 

    GK provided corporate communications services for National Schools Training to raise awareness of them among school and academy decision makers across the country.

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    University of Central Lancashire 

    GK provided public affairs services for the University of Central Lancashire to secure domestic medical student places for their School of Medicine.  

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  • Lifeways


    GK has provided ongoing public affairs support for Lifeways to achieve policy changes on a number of issues. 

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  • Association of Accounting Technicians

    Association of Accounting Technicians 

    GK has worked with AAT to raise the profile of a number of issues relating to their members and area of speciality.

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  • Quotient Clinical

    Quotient Clinical

    An international drug development company specialising in formulation development, manufacturing and clinical testing. 

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  • Ameresco


    GK provided a comprehensive policy research and market mapping report for Ameresco, an American energy efficiency company looking to access the UK market. 

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To see the most up to date list of our current clients, please visit GK’s entry on the APPC register.

GK is a registered member of the APPC (Association of Professional Political Consultants) and PRCA (Public Relations Consultants Association), and a winner holder of the ‘Consultancy of the Year’ award in the Public Affairs Awards.

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