by Jamie Cater 3rd April, 2019

Why Due Diligence is Important for Private Equity

Since being founded in 2009, GK has provided political, policy and regulatory due diligence to private equity investors in the UK, Europe and around the world. We have helped them to navigate political uncertainty in the years after the financial crisis, and now in the age of Brexit and Donald Trump. The support that GK provides is an increasingly prevalent part of investors’ considerations as they work through the deal process and weigh up their approach to undertaking due diligence. Along with other types of specialist due diligence, our work has become an indispensable part of many firms’ approach to evaluating and dealing with risks over the lifetime of an investment, not just during a specific transaction.

But why is due diligence important to private equity? And in particular, why should private equity professionals be considering political due diligence (PDD)? We explore what constitutes a good piece of political due diligence, and why you should choose GK for your next piece of PDD.

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