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What to expect from the 2020 Comprehensive Spending Review

The Comprehensive Spending Review has been dialled back in ambition but will still set the future direction of departmental spending and will impact on policy development, writes Rt Hon David Laws, former Cabinet Minister It is commonplace these days for large parts of Budgets and Spending Reviews to be leaked in advance, so it is no surprise that we have already learned that in next week's Spending Review the Defence budget will get a boost, while Overseas Aid faces cuts - as yet,...

David Laws, GK Strategic Advisor – Views on the Spending Review

With the UK and world economy facing unprecedented economic disruption, there has been little peace at Her Majesty’s Treasury for many months now, and the Autumn looks to be just as busy – the Chancellor has promised to deliver a Budget and a multi-year Spending Review, and both (as well as Brexit!) are going to take a...