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GK’s 10 year anniversary and lessons learned

As GK celebrates its tenth anniversary, I’m incredibly proud of where the business is now. Our timing was awful when we started this business, just as financial Armageddon hit in 2009. I gave up my job at a well-established Public Affairs company and joined my business partner Luke Kennedy to begin the GK journey. Fast forward ten years and GK has 30 staff, we have worked with a multitude of clients, we’ve successfully expanded our service offering...

What the waste management sector can expect in 2019

2018 delivered its fair share of problems for the waste management sector. We saw challenges arise from abroad – the largest of these being China’s refusal to import waste in January last year. We have also seen them appear closer to home, with the Government’s Resources and Waste Strategy and industry rumours of tax increases on waste incineration. Business leaders should be aware that...

Cash flow is king. Why consumers, not government, will decide the future of Oxfam.

The Oxfam scandal shows no sign of slowing down following the Chief Executive’s frankly disastrous interview (discussing “murdering babies” is never a good idea). Attention has thus far focused largely on the likelihood of UK and EU public money being withdrawn. Any drop in funding is obviously significant, particularly when the public money in question makes up 43% of funding (£176m), according to the

Lessons from payday lending for other financial service providers

Consumer credit is booming in the UK, topping £200 billion for the first time since the financial crisis. Almost half of men and women under 30 regularly use credit to stretch their finances until payday. And a quarter of them are constantly in debt. One in ten have used a payday loan company. The sector has stepped up its marketing since the regulatory clampdown in 2015, when...

Can sentiment analysis help predict the 2017 general election?

Ten days ago Theresa May called a general election. Since Tuesday 18th psephologists – a.k.a pollsters – have been churning out predictions: these show Conservative leads of between 11% and 25%, with conventional wisdom telling us to watch for a

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: The Conservative Digital Dominance

When it comes to campaigns, money talks – if it is utilised effectively. Despite fairly comparable levels of spending by each party, it’s clear that the Conservative Party have learned how to use their money effectively to reach their target voters digitally – leaving Labour to struggle behind. According to the Electoral Commission, there has been a steep drop in spending on traditional advertising by political parties, from £15.8m in 2005 to £6.9m in 2015. Expect this...

Labouring in vain?

We now know who the candidates are for the Labour leadership election; we are left with 4 candidates in Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham and Jeremy Corbyn after the latter squeezed past the threshold of 35 nominations from fellow MPs, and Mary Creagh dropped out of the race last Friday. The Daily Telegraph asked last week whether the new leader of the party ‘will be a Kinnock or a Blair’. It reflects the anxiety within Labour, even at this early stage, over its chances in the 2020...