UK’s New Government: What Do We Now Know? Analysis from David Laws

It’s only a matter of days into the new Boris Johnson government. What do we now know about the direction that Boris Johnson has set? It's a whole new government, not just a reshuffle As we have ourselves long expected, the UK has an entirely new government, not merely a lightly reshuffled top team. We have a new PM, with a very different personality to that of Theresa May. Half the previous Cabinet has been sacked, and of those who remain in power most have changed jobs. The new...

David Laws 26th Jul, 2019 Insight
Boris , Brexit , Government , No deal
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What are Prime Minister Boris’ spending plans?

  As the contest for the Conservative Party leader and the next Prime Minster reaches a climax, scrutiny is turning to the spending plans of the likely winner. Boris Johnson, the front runner, is running an effective campaign to win the leadership ballot amongst Tory members. His public spending plans will be a key interest for businesses who work with government, public sector organisations and the wider economy. So what does Prime Minister Boris have in store and how could this affect...

Edward Jones 16th Jul, 2019 Insight
Government , Politics
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REF 2021 is coming – here’s how you can make an impact

What is REF? The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is used to assess the quality of research at UK universities, and determine funding for the next 7 years. The next REF review will take place in 2021, and will assess universities’ research outputs, environment, and impact. A total of £2 billion will be allocated in total, with those with the best ratings receiving the highest proportion of this. The importance of the REF ‘impact’ score should not be...

Reorganisation of the NHS – 10 things we have learnt

To celebrate it 70th Birthday the NHS has been partaking in two of its favourite activities. Firstly, reorganising and secondly, developing long term plans. The Health and Care Act has been in force since 2012. Since then, the NHS has slowly but surely been moving away from the commissioner/provider split set out in the Act. This is because NHS leaders shifted policy toward a health and care system centred around population-based integrated services. Here are 10 pieces of news GK...

Jennifer Berger 7th Mar, 2019 Strategy
Government , NHS
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