The case for ESG due diligence

ESG: moving beyond due diligence as a red flag exercise Higher asset prices and more competitive bidding has driven an increase in the breadth and depth of due diligence, including ESG. ESG due diligence on B2C assets has increased as consumers and retailers have become more concerned about ESG issues, such as consumer protection, waste and recycling, and ethical sourcing. ESG due diligence on B2B assets has also increased as clients focus more on responsible...

The ESG risks your business could be facing

Some of the biggest ESG risks that businesses face today relate to new or possible legislation, as well as increasing expectations and scrutiny from politicians, regulators, the media, and campaigning organisations, on how businesses are demonstrating responsible behaviour. Download the eBook here While many of the biggest risks that companies face are sector-specific – driven by new regulations designed to address...

Martin Summers 29th May, 2019 Insight
2 min read

Why do political and ESG due diligence go together?

Politics and ESG (environmental, social & governance) are natural bed fellows. But they are rarely treated as such, particularly in the diligence process. GK Strategy is the only consultancy offering ESG due diligence (DD) services and political, policy & regulatory due diligence (PDD.) Why do these disciplines belong together? And why should investors see them as two sides of the same coin? Why should companies consider their political and regulatory risks and...

Private Equity: a look ahead in times of uncertainty

With political uncertainty at an all-time high and asset prices sky rocketing, some investors are acting with caution, but should they be? Private equity veteran, Tim Farazmand, discusses what to expect from the sector over the next financial year and how investors should navigate the challenging landscape. What are the biggest challenges and threats facing the private equity market right now? The amount of dry powder is causing fierce competition, which is...

Five tips on how best to engage investors on ESG

Hundreds of private equity (PE) firms face an April deadline to report against the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment). It’s a good time then to consider how PE can best engage with their investor base on ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors when raising funds or communicating about their portfolios. The temptation is to report lots of ESG data about the portfolio – as several big PE firms do – but this requires significant...

Martin Summers 14th Mar, 2019 Insight
ESG , investors
3 min read

The aviation industry: onwards and upwards?

It seems like investment in the aviation sector is flying high, as 69% of private equity and venture capital professionals expect the amount of money their industries invest in the sector to increase throughout 2019 and 2020. But while the upwards interest in investing in an industry that could pose many risks. Risks including those of an ESG and regulatory...

Charlotte Stockton 12th Mar, 2019 Insight
environment , ESG , Investor
2 min read

Has the bell rung for last orders on cheap alcohol?

In January, Ireland called last orders on the sale of cheap alcohol as health minister, Simon Harris, communicated his intention to implement a minimum unit price ‘as soon as possible’. It will join Scotland and – later this year – Wales in putting a floor on the price of alcohol in a bit to reduce harmful drinking. While plans to introduce a minimum unit price in England were dropped in 2012, the government has said it is keeping an eye on Scotland’s experience, suggesting that the...

Caoimhe McElduff 12th Feb, 2019 Insight
ESG , Political Due Diligence
4 min read

ESG – responsible approaches to vulnerable children

Companies that provide services to children risk losing the trust of children, parents and institutional clients unless they can properly identify and manage vulnerability. Vulnerability is an increasing concern for the investors and companies that GK Strategy advises on ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues. It’s a growing issue for providers of educational, childcare, fostering and healthcare services, as well as residential care and  children’s holidays. Vulnerability...

Isabelle Hillson 31st Jan, 2019 Insight
education , ESG , healthcare
2 min read