REF 2021 is coming – here’s how you can make an impact

What is REF? The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is used to assess the quality of research at UK universities, and determine funding for the next 7 years. The next REF review will take place in 2021, and will assess universities’ research outputs, environment, and impact. A total of £2 billion will be allocated in total, with those with the best ratings receiving the highest proportion of this. The importance of the REF ‘impact’ score should not be...

ESG – responsible approaches to vulnerable children

Companies that provide services to children risk losing the trust of children, parents and institutional clients unless they can properly identify and manage vulnerability. Vulnerability is an increasing concern for the investors and companies that GK Strategy advises on ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues. It’s a growing issue for providers of educational, childcare, fostering and healthcare services, as well as residential care and  children’s holidays. Vulnerability...

Isabelle Hillson 31st Jan, 2019 Insight
ESG , Healthcare , Education
2 min read