Creating market value: why invest in strategic communications

Why investors and investor-backed businesses should invest in strategic communications Creating market value is the name of the game for private equity investors. The moment an investor buys an asset, it immediately joins the queue to be sold again. Straight away there is significant pressure to make changes to ensure it grows and can secure a higher multiple on exit. I was at a talk recently and an investor spoke about how they could only make three to five big strategic choices...

Crisis comms when Panorama come calling

As is now standard, stories of splits and discord at the upper echelons of the Labour Party have been splashed across this week’s papers. As has too often been the case, arguments about whether Labour has or has not done enough to address allegations of antisemitism sit behind much of the press – prompted by news that the BBC is about to broadcast a Panorama special lifting the lid on the Party’s shortcomings. BBC comes knocking on your door It’s hard not to feel...

Mark Fuller 10th Jul, 2019 Strategy
Crisis comms , Communications
5 min read

Genomes – the very definition of personal data

Technology companies hold a frightening amount of personal data on us. From every location we have ever visited to everything we have ever searched, companies such as Google have a comprehensive profile of each and every one of us. As an experiment, I recently tried downloading all the data that Facebook and Google hold on me. Ironically, the files were so large, and downloading them took so long, I ended up crashing my computer. Nevertheless, a quick Google search (because I wasn’t going...

Andy Peel 28th May, 2019 Insight , Strategy 2 min read

EdTech – A Digital Revolution in the Classroom?

Progress in the education sector consistently heads policy conversation in the UK. Yet, give or take the minor technological transition from chalkboards to smart boards, the classroom has largely remained steeped in conventional methods of learning delivery for the last two hundred years. In a rapidly modernising world, the education sector is struggling to meet demands of the digital landscape. Predictable problems such a mounting workloads, one-size-fits-all learning approaches and ageing...

GK Strategy 22nd May, 2019 Strategy 3 min read

Prevention is better than cure – turning government rhetoric into reality

The arrival of Matt Hancock at the Department of Health and Social Care in July 2018 signalled an opportunity for a refresh of the government’s priorities for healthcare. Hancock's approach, alongside the ambitions set out in the NHS Long-Term Plan (LTP), mark a potentially signifcant turning point in the way the NHS treats people. With the NHS caring for over a million patients and families...

Jack Sansum 21st May, 2019 Strategy 3 min read

Securing planning permission to build: how we support developers through the planning process

To meet existing and new demand for housing between 240,000 and 340,000 homes need to be built per year. While housing supply is a significant issue, so too is affordability, and the pressure this is creating in towns and cities up and down the country is intense. According to the

Ned Lamb 17th May, 2019 Strategy 4 min read

Mental Health Awareness Week is almost upon us – and at GK, we take our employees mental health very seriously.

Mental health problems can affect any person, any day of the year. This week, I want to highlight top tips and practices for staying well at work. Reclaim your lunch break Your lunch break is your time to recharge your body and mind - reclaim your lunch break by taking the time to make use of summer sun and clean air. Get together...

Sarah De Rosa 15th May, 2019 Insight , Strategy , Impact 3 min read

5 reasons spokespeople fail to get their message across

If you’ve managed to ascend to a position of leadership in your chosen field, having some level of exposure to the media is an inevitable part of the job. While the level of control a business has over its ‘owned’ media does provide a sense of safety and when ‘going viral’ feels like the cool thing to do, there is still little that provides the same level of reputation-enhancing, share-price raising and policymaker influencing boost like obtaining national coverage in the media,...

James Page 14th May, 2019 Strategy 3 min read