Pride Month: Why GK are proud to Support

In recent decades, the UK has made strides to support the LGBTQ+ community. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and non-binary people certainly make a vital contribution to our culture and our economy. June 2019 is Pride Month in the UK. The UK government has a proud record in advancing equality for the LGBTQ+ community. We are proud to say we are a diverse and tolerant society. The

Sarah De Rosa 4th Jun, 2019 Impact
Equality , Politics , Pride Month
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Mental Health Awareness Week is almost upon us – and at GK, we take our employees mental health very seriously.

Mental health problems can affect any person, any day of the year. This week, I want to highlight top tips and practices for staying well at work. Reclaim your lunch break Your lunch break is your time to recharge your body and mind - reclaim your lunch break by taking the time to make use of summer sun and clean air. Get together...

Sarah De Rosa 15th May, 2019 Impact , Insight , Strategy 3 min read

Genomics – achieving all we ever hoped for from medicine?

It was during a press conference at the White House in June 2000 when the Human Genome Project, an international research collaborative, announced the first draft of a human genome had been sequenced, essentially mapping out the blueprint of our DNA. "We now have the possibility of achieving all we ever hoped for from medicine." – The then UK Science Minister, Lord Sainsbury Genomics: A Landmark Moment It was a landmark moment for medical research. Society stood on the...

Andy Peel 15th Mar, 2019 Impact
Health , Technology
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Four Scenarios for Sustainability – How to Respond

One of the world’s leading sustainability organisations, Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), recently outlined how business could respond under four possible futures by 2030 – with each scenario illustrating very different levels of centralisation or decentralisation, coordination or fragmentation in politics, economics and society. Each of the scenarios is plausible, and the...

Martin Summers 5th Dec, 2018 Impact , Strategy
Due Diligence , Environment , ESG
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On your bike! Is cycling the answer to our carbon emissions problem?

GK recently published a blog about zero emissions cars, looking at the government’s Road to Zero Strategy. However, electric vehicles are not the only solution to becoming a greener traveller. In recent months the government has announced a number of plans to make life better for cyclists. This...

8 steps to change the issues around plastic – Part 2

What companies can learn from the success of the plastic campaigns There has been incredible success and continuing momentum of campaigns against non-recyclable, single use plastic. Even governments and companies are embracing these ambitious commitments. This movement offers lessons for all companies, whether they have plastics in their value chain or not. This makes for demonstrable and measurable commitments by consumers and companies. It also allows campaigning...

8 steps to change the issues around plastic – Part 1

What companies can learn from the success of the plastics campaigns The campaigns against non-recyclable, single use plastic have been incredibly successful, and their momentum continues. Governments and companies are now embracing ambitious commitments. This movement offers lessons for all companies, whether they have plastics in their value chain or not. The plastic campaign’s tactics and measures provide valuable lessons on how to help drive regulatory, corporate and consumer...

Award nomination for GK

We are delighted to announce that GK Strategy have been shortlisted for Best Specialist Due Diligence Provider at Unquote’s British Private Equity Awards 2018. The British Private Equity Awards celebrate innovation and excellence in private equity and venture capital, as well as honoring the industry’s ability to help build British businesses – and in doing so, foster the wider economy. Over the past year, we have implemented innovative new services, expanded our international...

Harry Shackleton 7th Sep, 2018 Impact 3 min read