by GK Strategy 12th November, 2018
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Being an Intern at GK Strategy

I knew my internship at GK Strategy would be a great experience as soon as I left my interview. It felt like I’d left a catch up with friends, rather than an interview at a leading public affairs consultancy. Of course, despite the friendly, positive atmosphere, it was by no means a soft-touch interview. It was going to be a great internship for someone, I just hoped that someone was me. Thankfully, recently graduated, I had found my first internship, minutes from Westminster, in a young, vibrant organisation.

When I was over the joy of landing an internship at GK, it suddenly felt as daunting as it was exciting. How would I handle the transition from university to a 9-5? Would I be out of my depth? How do you make tea? I needn’t have worried, people here prefer coffee.

The transition was incredibly smooth, with a 45-minute induction talk with the Head of HR, followed by so many coffee invitations, I started to worry about my blood pressure. On my first day alone, I had two inductions, lunch out, coffees and spotted Boris Johnson on a Boris bike! On my second day, GK’s strategic advisor, the former minister David Laws, was sharing his insights over tea. On the third, I was a cracking on with my to-do-list, including speaking to MPs and Peers offices inviting them to a client’s Parliamentary event.

The range of responsibilities and experiences I’ve gotten in the first 4 weeks of my internship is staggering. Amongst many other things, I’ve researched potential new clients, drafted letters to ministers and summarised Parliamentary debates. One of the many great aspects of this internship scheme is that you aren’t tied to any specific clients. This gives me exposure to a great variety of tasks and sectors.

I’ve been delighted with the support from my line manager, those setting my tasks and the positive office atmosphere. It has made coming into the office a joy each day. The feedback is always hugely constructive, helping me improve both at GK and for the future.

Outside of the work, we are well looked after. There is often a worryingly fattening parade of food appearing in the kitchen, beers in the office on Fridays and, most importantly, a seemingly limitless supply of coffee. Our social committee ensure there are frequent events to get involved with. These have ranged from a pumpkin carving competition for Halloween to the Christmas quiz which took place, naturally, in mid-October.

GK is not a traditional, smoky, grey-suited office. People here have earnt their jobs through talent, not connections. It’s young, vibrant, incredibly friendly and I’m very glad I’ve had the chance to be an intern here.

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