Vote for GK at the British Private Equity Awards 2019!

GK Strategy is delighted to be nominated as Specialist Due Diligence Provider of the Year in the Unquote British Private Equity Awards 2019. The shortlist is drawn up by a panel of industry experts and then opeen to a public vote, so we would really appreciate your support in voting for GK here:  

GK’s 10 year anniversary and lessons learned

As GK celebrates its tenth anniversary, I’m incredibly proud of where the business is now. Our timing was awful when we started this business, just as financial Armageddon hit in 2009. I gave up my job at a well-established Public Affairs company and joined my business partner Luke Kennedy to begin the GK journey. Fast forward ten years and GK has 30 staff, we have worked with a multitude of clients, we’ve successfully expanded our service offering...

SMEs must embrace diversity: why I’m publishing our gender pay gap figures

Earlier this month companies with 250 or more employees had to publish data on their gender pay gap for the first time ever, as part of the Equality Act introduced back in 2010. The move is undoubtedly progressive – it is the only such legislative measure anywhere in the world – but the results were less encouraging, with almost three-quarters of companies and...

Robin Grainger 26th Apr, 2018 Impact

5 of my biggest mistakes in business and what I’ve learned from them

I’ve been running an agency for 10 years. I now own 3 agencies and I am very proud of what we’ve achieved, but, while I might have done a few things right to get here, I’ve certainly done a lot more wrong. We now have a Chairman who has been there and done it before and a team of strategic advisers who have too. Whilst they can advise me on what they did wrong and try to stop me doing the same, I really do believe it’s important to make your own mistakes, in order for you to learn...

Robin Grainger 8th Dec, 2017 Strategy 3 min read

How to maintain and foster company culture as you grow

I’m sure all SME founders can relate to being incredibly proud of the culture they have created, as we are at GK and onefourzero. In fact, I am continually impressed by the energy, sense of creativity and enthusiasm that is demonstrated by every member of the team. But culture, by definition, is an organic, ever evolving thing and as any company grows the challenge of sustaining a vibrant, or, indeed any sort of culture grows too. The Challenge: Culture is set from the...

Robin Grainger 26th Jul, 2017 Insight 3 min read

7 Tips for Encouraging innovation

GK has a mantra, I’m sure we stole it from somewhere else; in fact, it was the first thing I was told when I attended my first brainstorm session (thought shower, creative thinking session, or whatever the PC term is for this now) over 18 years ago: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BAD IDEA While this might sound a little David Brent, it’s a good way to encourage staff, especially junior ones, to feel confident enough to contribute to the discussion and not be laughed at. Worrying about what...

Robin Grainger 21st Apr, 2017 Insight 3 min read