Creating market value: why invest in strategic communications

Why investors and investor-backed businesses should invest in strategic communications Creating market value is the name of the game for private equity investors. The moment an investor buys an asset, it immediately joins the queue to be sold again. Straight away there is significant pressure to make changes to ensure it grows and can secure a higher multiple on exit. I was at a talk recently and an investor spoke about how they could only make three to five big strategic choices...

Securing planning permission to build: how we support developers through the planning process

To meet existing and new demand for housing between 240,000 and 340,000 homes need to be built per year. While housing supply is a significant issue, so too is affordability, and the pressure this is creating in towns and cities up and down the country is intense. According to the

Ned Lamb 17th May, 2019 Strategy 4 min read

Why you should prioritise crisis communications planning

GK are delighted to announce the launch of our latest whitepaper on crisis communications planning. In 2010 a psychologist, Dr Alex Lickerman, wrote in Psychology Today that reputation is “an animal designed by committee: you give birth to it but the way it develops depends on the actions of others”. The idea is that your actions can guide your reputation, but what really matters is how others perceive them. He reflected that building a good reputation requires effort, patience, and...

Ned Lamb 8th May, 2019 Strategy

Four Top Tips for Government Affairs’ Teams in 2019

The long list of challenges facing businesses in 2019 may seem overwhelming to many business leaders and their Boards. Brexit, quite aside from a challenging economic climate, provides a huge amount of uncertainty, creating huge unknowns from trade and customs, people and the movement of labour and governance and reporting to the regulation of goods and innovation and assumed increases in the cost of doing business. Businesses are doing their best to plan for all scenarios, but there is...

When Labour say #changethemedia, what do they mean?

Last week Jeremy Corbyn delivered the Alternative MacTaggart Lecture at the Edinburgh TV Festival, launching a series of ideas on the future of the media in our country. Shortly following the speech, our computer screens were awash with the term #changethemedia, a provocative and deliberate phrase to capture people’s attention. And for a couple of hours, it did just that, before the next silly season story stole the headlines. Picking a battle with the media elite will seem like a sensible...

creativity in a crisis

Creativity in a Crisis: Companies who turned issues into opportunities

I spend a fair amount of my time thinking about how leaders and businesses deal with issues or crises. It’s my job to do so, and to be ready to jump into action when existing or potential clients call us requesting immediate support. They know they need our help but they’re not always sure what that help looks like. The best clients enter such arrangements with an open mind. They listen, reflect, and ultimately are willing to take decisive action to remedy the issue they are faced...

Ned Lamb 2nd May, 2018 Insight
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Taking a social media first approach during a crisis: the basic elements

In crisis situations, social media should be every business leader’s weapon of choice. Fast, decisive action is essential to rebuilding confidence, managing expectations and capturing some control of the news agenda. Social media beats all other methods for doing this, hands down. Picture it. A major event has or is currently happening. It may impact upon a company’s customers, concern those who regulate an organisation, or it may be an issue that has wide public safety or scrutiny...

Ned Lamb 6th Apr, 2018 Insight 3 min read

Leaders must change their approach to survive in a crisis

There have been a few too many well-documented crisis moments for big organisations recently. When a crisis – defined as a critical issue which threatens an organisation’s ability to continue functioning – erupts, business leaders often fall back on old methods to tackle negative media and stakeholder pressure. We’re seeing new manifestations of how negative news stories unfold and gather momentum. At times of crisis, this slowness to adapt and inflexibility of approach has cost...