The ESG risks your business could be facing

Some of the biggest ESG risks that businesses face today relate to new or possible legislation, as well as increasing expectations and scrutiny from politicians, regulators, the media, and campaigning organisations, on how businesses are demonstrating responsible behaviour. Download the eBook here While many of the biggest risks that companies face are sector-specific – driven by new regulations designed to address...

Martin Summers 29th May, 2019 Insight
2 min read

What lessons does the boom in impact investing have for other investors?

Impact investing - investments made with the intention to generate measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return - is booming. Over $502bn in impact investing assets is now managed by over 1,340 organisations, according to a recent survey by GIIN - the Global Impact Investing Network – up from under

Martin Summers 1st May, 2019 Insight 3 min read

Why do political and ESG due diligence go together?

Politics and ESG (environmental, social & governance) are natural bed fellows. But they are rarely treated as such, particularly in the diligence process. GK Strategy is the only consultancy offering ESG due diligence (DD) services and political, policy & regulatory due diligence (PDD.) Why do these disciplines belong together? And why should investors see them as two sides of the same coin? Why should companies consider their political and regulatory risks and...

How to invest & operate in regulatory grey zones – the case of cannabis

The ‘Green Rush’ has seen huge increases in cannabis investment. The total market cap of the top 100 cannabis stocks now exceeds $80bn. Investment has now spread to the UK following the relaxation of laws on medicinal and recreational use across Europe. with estimates of a medicinal market size reaching

Martin Summers 26th Mar, 2019 Insight 3 min read

Five tips on how best to engage investors on ESG

Hundreds of private equity (PE) firms face an April deadline to report against the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment). It’s a good time then to consider how PE can best engage with their investor base on ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors when raising funds or communicating about their portfolios. The temptation is to report lots of ESG data about the portfolio – as several big PE firms do – but this requires significant...

Martin Summers 14th Mar, 2019 Insight
ESG , investors
3 min read

How do you assess purpose through ESG due diligence ?

Purpose continues to be a major theme for investors – from a corporate success and ESG perspective, but how investors can best assess it is less certain. The quality of a company’s purpose should not be assessed in terms of it being another way to articulate mission or business strategy. A good company purpose needs to answer the question ‘what higher purpose do we serve beyond making profits?’ BlackRock’s 2019 letter to CEOs reiterated their 2018 letter’s strong and...

Martin Summers 27th Feb, 2019 Insight 3 min read

4 Ways to Make the Most of being a PRI Signatory

The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) now has over 2000 signatories, including many private equity firms. Signatories have to make their annual submission on how they approach and manage ESG (environmental, social and governance factors) by 1st April – typically resulting in a published Transparency Report. This is an important – but often undeveloped - opportunity to submit content and create a powerful story about a firm’s commitment to ESG, including its approach to value...

Martin Summers 20th Feb, 2019 Insight 2 min read

Procurement and Social Value : ESG in 2019

2019 will present new challenges for companies in terms of ensuring they have the right ESG (environmental, social and governance) credentials to win tenders. Procurement is an ESG issue that is strongly affected by political and institutional agendas. It’s  important then that companies and investors ensure that the ESG criteria they use reflect this rapidly changing environment. GK’s ESG due diligence and advisory services reflect such changes. One of the biggest developments in 2018...

Martin Summers 9th Jan, 2019 Insight
environment , ESG
3 min read