All change: A new direction for the rail industry

Complaining about poor rail services is a pastime reluctantly embraced by all commuters. Whether trains are late, cancelled, overcrowded or just plain unpleasant, there is always something for hard pressed rail users to grumble about. This is perhaps inevitable – nobody really wants to be on the train to work in the first place – but as the commuting classes tend to include the most influential media and political figures, rail has huge salience as a policy issue. The ways in which the...

Mark Fuller 23rd Aug, 2019 Insight
4 min read

Crisis comms when Panorama come calling

As is now standard, stories of splits and discord at the upper echelons of the Labour Party have been splashed across this week’s papers. As has too often been the case, arguments about whether Labour has or has not done enough to address allegations of antisemitism sit behind much of the press – prompted by news that the BBC is about to broadcast a Panorama special lifting the lid on the Party’s shortcomings. BBC comes knocking on your door It’s hard not to feel...

Mark Fuller 10th Jul, 2019 Strategy
Communications , Crisis comms
5 min read