The lost parliament? Analysing the 2017-19 session

Depending on your politics, the Prime Minister’s decision to shut down parliament from the 9th September until the 14th October is either a coup d’etat to thwart opponents of a no-deal Brexit or a natural end to the most unusual and most unproductive parliamentary session in history. Long time coming What makes the 2017-19 session unusual is its length - typically, parliamentary sessions last for one year. This parliamentary session has now overtaken the 296...

Johnny Munro 10th Sep, 2019 Insight
Brexit , Queen's Speech , Bills , Legislation
3 min read

Engaging with the Conservative Party’s new policy forums

Since barrelling into Number 10 and laying down the law with civil servants, fellow special advisers and junior ministers in his first week, Dominic Cummings has given the impression that he alone is running the government. His ‘one strike and you’re out’ policy for leaks has already been widely derided, with an immediate leak from a dazed Spad last week confirming that...

Smarter London Together: engaging with City Hall’s ambitious plans for a digital London

A fundamental strength of London is its flourishing technology scene. The city is now a key hub for Medtech, EdTech, innovations in mobility, as well as the global hub for FinTech, LegalTech and professional services. Yet, the pace of London boroughs to grasp some of...

The New London Plan: What’s The Latest?

In recent decades, London has excelled at creating jobs and opportunities. But at the same time, the City is still grappling with its housing crisis. To counter this, the new London plan was published in 2018 with ambitious strategies for housing reform and planning policy. The Plan was enthusiastically...

Johnny Munro 24th Jan, 2019 Strategy
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Business as usual? – The Conservative youth problem

This year’s Conference season highlighted the stark differences between the support base of the Conservative Party and the Labour Party. One Tory MP highlighted the party could be “out of business” unless they re-engaged with the needs of younger and minority ethnic voters. The Tories lagged two percentage points behind...

Johnny Munro 25th Oct, 2018 Insight

Opportunities within the FCA’s high cost credit review

The findings from the FCA’s joint review into overdrafts and high-cost credit products are faintly damning and a potential death knell for firms operating under the auspice of the regulator. The FCA has been under pressure to deliver on better protection for vulnerable consumers for some time, and the results of this review will not be surprising to those who have lobbied for tighter controls on expensive credit. Directly in the firing line is Rent-to-own. The FCA’s findings make...

Subscription services: delivering value or threatening consumers’ rights?

The way we consume is changing.  Markets are seeing a shift away from ownership to rental or subscription ‘on-demand’ services such as streaming or fitness services. This market in the UK increased 11% on last year and 25% of UK adults now predict that they will be subscribing to more services in the next five years. While the commercial benefits have already been mapped out,...

Johnny Munro 12th Apr, 2018 Insight 3 min read

Is the cashless revolution leaving people behind?

January traditionally marks the great return of the unwanted Christmas gift, either returned directly to a shop, or, more likely with the rise of internet shopping, to eBay. But if you’re that difficult person who everybody struggles to buy for, you might have just received money. But the days of physical currency now seem numbered. In the UK,...