Using Parliamentary Select Committees to shape policy and raise profile

Since the UK’s decision to leave the EU, businesses, trade associations and the third sector have experienced a sustained period of uncertainty. It is not just the Groundhog Day feeling generated by the process that is frustrating, but the lack of a domestic agenda in Parliament. The legislative process has noticeably slowed. A combination of Brexit and a minority Conservative Government has made any prospect of initiating transformative change in crucial areas such as health and education...

Joe Cormack 6th Feb, 2019 Insight
Brexit , policy , select committee
3 min read

Private providers – making the case for public services reform

The last decade has seen the most protracted squeeze on public services spending for a generation. This has created a paradox where public sector organisations have less resources and “headroom” to undertake reform. However, simultaneously, they have a pressing need for transformation to trim spending. “Doing more with less” is something councils are well familiar with. There has been an estimated 40% cut in budgets since 2010. The challenges in this context do outweigh the...

Joe Cormack 28th Aug, 2018 Impact , Strategy

Making the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy A Success

GK Strategy was pleased to host Lord Henley, Parliamentary-under-Secretary of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and Louisa Elias-Evans, from the Office for Life Sciences (OLS), to discuss the Government’s plans to make the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy a success. The roundtable discussion explored the progress of the Life Sciences Sector Deal and looked ahead to how other recommendations and themes contained within the industry-led Life...

Joe Cormack 26th Jun, 2018 Insight 3 min read