EU response to Johnson

Any speculation that Boris Johnson would tone down his rhetoric on his commitment to a 31 October Brexit date upon taking office has been shut down emphatically. Since his appointment last week, Johnson appointed a raft of Brexiters to his Cabinet, installed Vote Leave guru Dominic Cummings as special adviser and has hammered home his intention during every speaking opportunity. Despite this, the reality is that arithmetic in Parliament has not changed and there is little appetite for a...

Joe Berkhout 7th Aug, 2019 Insight
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Council level political audits: how GK can help

Local politics at a council level can be unpredictable, and its effect of on planning decisions is often underappreciated. Whereas planning officers provide advice on applications, elected councillors are ultimately responsible for decision making. Promising plans can fall at the final hurdle without the right insight into local authority decision making processes, leadership priorities and the character of key stakeholders. Further to this, and of particular relevance to more controversial...

Joe Berkhout 7th May, 2019 Strategy 3 min read

Brexit Perceptions : A View From Europe

As the UK's exit from Europe continues to consume the country, reactions acrossthe EU have ranged from exasperation to indifference. Politically, EU leaders have remained largely united, particularly on the indivisibility of the four freedoms that characterise the single market. Economically, despite varying dependence on the UK, member states have generally been happy to follow the lead of France and Germany on these issues. This is typical, as both France and Germany usually have dominant...

Joe Berkhout 10th Jan, 2019 Strategy
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“The End of Austerity”? – a pre-budget analysis

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) published their annual Green Budget earlier this week and, with it, delivered a stark message to the Government ahead of the budget next week. The content of the report will likely come as no surprise to most readers – it will be impossible to square Theresa May’s recently declared commitment to “end austerity”, while balancing the budget by the mid-2020s. According to the IFS, taxes would need to...

Joe Berkhout 18th Oct, 2018 Insight 3 min read

Why the price of Brexit won’t affect its popularity

Last week’s Guardian/ICM poll shows that Britons are becoming more negative about the effects of Brexit on the economy. Those expecting a negative impact outnumbered those with positive expectations by 15 percentage points, up from 5 in January 2017. The puzzling thing about all this is that economic...

Joe Berkhout 4th Jun, 2018 Strategy , Impact