Breaking all the rules

Both Labour and the Conservatives have made major announcements on their respective economic policies in the early days of the 2019 general election campaign. Much of this has centred on the fiscal rules that a Government led by either party would follow – essentially, how each party would account for its public spending and taxation plans. Both parties are proposing significant changes to the UK’s current framework for public spending over the next few years, but what are they and what do...

Capitalism Overthrown? : Understanding Labour’s economic policy

GK Strategy are delighted to announce the launch of our second Labour report, Capitalism Overthrown?: understanding Labour's economic policy. Click here to read Capitalism Overthrown?: understanding Labour's economic policy. Following on from our successful Labour report, What Would Jeremy Do?, in which we broadly looked at what...

Why Due Diligence is Important for Private Equity

Since being founded in 2009, GK has provided political, policy and regulatory due diligence to private equity investors in the UK, Europe and around the world. We have helped them to navigate political uncertainty in the years after the financial crisis, and now in the age of Brexit and Donald Trump. The support that GK provides is an increasingly prevalent part of investors’ considerations as they work through the deal process and weigh up their approach to undertaking due diligence. Along...

Jamie Cater 3rd Apr, 2019 Insight

5 Things You Can Find On A Political Due Diligence Report

Our head of policy, Jamie Cater, details what a client can expect from a political due diligence report from GK. Interested in finding out more? Get in touch below!

Jamie Cater 2nd Apr, 2019 Insight

What Would Jeremy Do? : Assessing the impact of a Corbyn-led Labour government

GK Strategy are delighted to announce the launch our latest briefing paper entitled ‘What Would Jeremy Do? Assessing the impact of a Corbyn-led Labour government’. Click here to read the full report. The last three years in British politics have been among the most tumultuous and uncertain in living memory. In September 2015, it seemed almost impossible that Jeremy Corbyn could lead the Labour...

Jamie Cater 6th Sep, 2018 Insight 3 min read

The Generation Game

In the year since the general election, prompted in no small part by the ‘youthquake’ that fuelled Jeremy Corbyn’s surge in popularity, the question of fairness between different generations has moved to front and centre of British politics. The final report from the Resolution Foundation’s Intergenerational Commission,...

Jamie Cater 18th May, 2018 Insight 3 min read

Return of the JAMs? How the Government might respond to the Taylor Review

If a week is indeed a long time in politics, then aeons have passed since the Conservatives unexpectedly won an outright majority in the 2015 general election. One of the key debates in that election was defined by the term coined by then Leader of the Opposition, Ed Miliband: the cost of living crisis. David Cameron’s Conservatives were victorious largely on the basis that the electorate believed that they, rather than Miliband’s Labour, were best-placed to secure the economic recovery and...

Jamie Cater 8th Jan, 2018 Strategy , Impact

Predicting the unpredictable: a look ahead to politics in 2018

Over the last three years, political uncertainty and instability has become the new normal. The ramifications of the vote to leave the EU and the loss of the Conservatives’ majority in the House of Commons in the general election will continue to define the political landscape in 2018. A fragile government led by an unpopular leader facing the most daunting constitutional challenge for the UK in generations, combined with a Labour Party still brimming with confidence from its performance...