5 reasons spokespeople fail to get their message across

If you’ve managed to ascend to a position of leadership in your chosen field, having some level of exposure to the media is an inevitable part of the job. While the level of control a business has over its ‘owned’ media does provide a sense of safety and when ‘going viral’ feels like the cool thing to do, there is still little that provides the same level of reputation-enhancing, share-price raising and policymaker influencing boost like obtaining national coverage in the media,...

James Page 14th May, 2019 Strategy 3 min read

Rail reviews: do we need another one?

I considered starting this blog with a joke about the regularity of rail reviews compared to trains on the track. However, for many passengers around the country there just isn’t anything funny about train travel in the UK anymore. Many more people are travelling by rail than ever before, in nicer and newer carriages. Furthermore, passengers have forgotten how frequent rail disasters seemed to come about in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. However, increased investment in the...

James Page 18th Dec, 2018 Insight
3 min read